The Amenities Are Mind Boggling

Apartments for rent in New Haven CT turned up a number of decent housing options, as well as many that weren’t worth my time. I guess it is because I’m going to school at Yale and come from a wealthy family who is making sure that housing won’t be an issue. I could conceivably live on campus, but I’m not that interested in all the extracurricular activities that type of living often requires. I’m going into pre-med so you can imagine what my course load looks like. I’m going to be quite the busy beaver with studying.

I needed a serious place to live filled with serious people who weren’t going to be making a lot of noise all night throwing parties. I found a luxury apartment building in town that looked like it would fit the bill. Amazing floor plans and a number of amenities I didn’t see at other places. (more…)

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I Am So Glad I Found This Place!

I didn’t realize that I was looking for a specific apartment until I actually found one that I knew was it. I started my search for apartments for rent in Boston area by looking online at different complexes that are not that far from Boston. I would have to travel to Boston at least two or three days a week for work, but that did not mean I wanted to live right there in the middle of it. I wanted something a little more serene, and I found it when I looked at the Ocean 650 Revere, MA.

What drew me to those apartments was not a nice layout of the different apartments nor the amenities that most modern complexes offer to its residents. No, what drew me was the view from the ocean front apartments. I was able to look at pictures of the same view that those residents are able to see every single day, and I knew that nothing less would do for me. (more…)

I Had an Eventful Night

I spent this morning helping out this girl that I went to school with. She knew that I had a truck and that I had access to a landscaper’s trailer that my cousin owns. She was moving into one of these really nice luxury apartments for West Palm Beach. Of course she has a pair of rich parents and they have helped to set up her up in a law practice. I did not do the job for free, but of course I would not have done it at all if a man had asked me. She is not a knock out beauty or anything, but she is not too bad to look at either and when she offered me a drink after we were done I did not refuse it. That was where things started to go off of the rails. Nothing was really going on between us, although it may have at some point. We were listening to music and drinking white wine when someone started to pound on the door. (more…)

Need to Look for a New Place

I have just started to look around the other day after I got fed up with the current arrangements. It is a number of things that got me looking around for Arlington MA apartments. The big thing is that I have a new job, which for one thing means that I am going to be able to afford a place of my own. That is a big thing, because for one I never really wanted to share an apartment with two other guys. It is not so easy to get along with one guy when you are around him all of the time, and when there are two of them it is a lot worse. The big thing is that it is a different schedule for the two of them than it is for me. (more…)

Hope to Finish College This Year

It has been a couple of weeks since I got back to campus for this semester. I have been really busy and I am going to be a lot busier because of the course load that I have taken on. Of course I figure that if I really work hard I can get my diploma before the end of this year, but it is not going to be that easy. I lucked out when I ran into this guy from a Computer Science class, he had an apartment in Silver Spring and his roommate had disappeared on him. From what it seems he moved in with some girl and never told him a word about it. Of course he did not mention the fact that he was going to walk out on the guy without paying his share of the rent. (more…)